Family Lawyer in New Orleans

For many years, Law Offices of Michael J. Bourquard, LLC family law professionals have been working to assist family’s living in New Orleans in all areas of state and federal law. Our family specialists practice in areas that include divorce, legal separation, mediation, alternate dispute settlement, and child custody, protection and adoption proceedings

Understanding the complexities of family litigation processes and having confidence in the person representing you goes a long way to getting a good night’s sleep. Let us take the reigns on your family law proceedings.

Facilitating Family Mediation on Your Behalf

Disputes between family members are often passionate, heated and emotional. When you find yourself in the middle of one, it can be difficult to navigate an agreeable settlement on your own, especially if there is more than one party or children involved.

Going to court to solve family issues costs a significant amount more in time and financial resources than coming to an alternate resolution outside of the courthouse. Our cunning familiarity with the local law, recent cases and similar rulings gives us the ability to anticipate what’s next and provide you with superior legal intelligence to reach the desired outcome.

Divorce Lawyers Backing Your Best Interests

Divorce is tough on everyone. The process of dividing your accumulated assets can be grueling without an experienced representative to step in to protect you when you are feeling vulnerable. We work quickly to bring both sides to an agreeable settlement, and no matter how aggressively our opponents perform, we’re got the audacity and dedication to delivering unyielding results on your behalf.

Our focus on providing relief and saving you time and money through alternate dispute settlement is unparalleled. In the event terms cannot be agreed to outside of court, we’ll represent you ferociously to gain the best possible outcome for your unique case.

Child Custody Lawyers Who Understand Your Situation

After a divorce or legal separation occurs, a court will decide which parent will perform the role of custodial caregiver. This will be the person with who the child or children will primarily reside. The other parent will be awarded visitation rights with scheduling being determined by the presiding judge.

Hiring an experienced child custody lawyer at the earliest possible juncture allows us to deeply familiarize ourselves with the details of your case and present you with sound legal options that protect you and your children right from the start. 

Understanding US, State and International Adoption Law

Adopting a child is a beautiful opportunity that is commonly associated with a lot of paperwork, waiting and varied regulation that can be difficult to navigate with no previous legal experience. We are among New Orleans’s most recommended adoption law experts. Let us expedite this process for you, by fully explaining the laws and possibilities of adoption to you before you begin. We’ll set you up for the potential for maximum success and take the stress out of the procedure so you can focus on preparing for the rewards and demands of parenthood. 

Call or stop by our New Orleans family law offices for more information on the full suite of legal advice we provide, or to set up a consultation with one of our top minds.