New Orleans Workers Compensation Attorney

When it comes to Workers Compensatory solutions for those in need of them, the Law office of Michael Bourquard can proudly boast an A+ rating from the directory of Recommended Insurance Defense Attorneys and Martindale-Hubbell. We invite and encourage those in New Orleans seeking workers compensatory equity to join our highly satisfied and sophisticated client base. We have a wide diversity of clients representing all walks of life in New Orleans; from industries such as insurance, transportation, sports, construction, healthcare, retail, restaurants and manufacturing.

When those in New Orleans take advantage of the services that the Law Office of Michael Bourquard provide they will have the benefit of working with people who have tried hundreds of cases to verdict. With his clients in mind, Michael Bourquard has designed and refined a custom and tailored approach to his practice. The Law Office of Michael Bourquard understands the realities of those who need legal services in New Orleans, having been admitted to practice in both Louisiana and California, Michael Bourquard believes that a boutique style approach, with an emphasis on personal service is what the people of New Orleans expect.

With a thoughtfulness only rivaled by professionalism and diligence, the Law Office of Michael Bourquard brings its personalized touch and dedicated focus to those in New Orleans needing workers compensation law representation. Furthermore we also have our client’s budget in mind. With competitive rates and a core guiding philosophy of optimizing client satisfaction, the Law Office of Michael Bourquard also has a cutting edge advantage over other multidisciplinary firms. We provide those in New Orleans with a more streamlined process that exempting them from having to pay for multiple bills by getting rid of the multiple billing practice of our competitors. As a worker and a productive citizen, it is essential for you to know your rights. When it comes to worker’s compensation, the Law Office of Michael Bourquard is where the people of New Orleans go to make sure they are treated in an equitable and just manner.